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Meet The York Burger Menu In North York, Toronto | Yonge Burger

Updated: Mar 20

The Best York Burgers:

Yonge Burger Menu

Welcome to view the York Burger menu at Yonge Burger!

Is there anything better than a juicy burger topped with tomatoes, crunchy lettuce, and crisp, tangy pickles? In our opinion, no, there isn't—burgers are the ultimate comfort food, accessible to devour when hungry, and often, the messier, the better!

In today's world, with a variety of quick and easy fast food, it isn't easy to find a delicious burger. Yonge Burger is your new sanctuary in Toronto for guilt-free burger consumption – every one of our burgers is made with local, sustainably sourced, naturally raised beef and cooked fresh, ensuring your burger includes the juiciest patty that will have ever passed your lips – and we mean that sincerely! The high-quality beef is served on fresh sesame buns with pickles, fresh lettuce, and tomato, drizzled with our Secret Burger Sauce!

Yonge Burger is named after the street in Toronto, and despite this street's unbelievable length, we are ready to claim the title of the Best Burgers on Yonge Street. We've named each of our burgers on the menu after the main intersections leading off Yonge, so let us introduce them:

Yonge: This is a solid staple, a classic that can never go wrong. It features a juicy beef patty served in a soft sesame bun with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and our Secret Sauce. All the other burgers use the Yonge burger as a base to dress with delicious toppings.

Finch & Yonge: The classic Yonge burger with all sides and freshly sautéed mushrooms.

Sheppard & Yonge: Many consider this the perfect burger—a beef patty, lettuce, tomato, pickles, Secret Sauce, bacon, and melted MozaCheddar cheese. What else do you need?

Eglinton & Yonge: This dessert takes it to another level with rich, indulgent flavors. Eglinton adds softly caramelized onions and gooey melted MozaCheddar cheese to the mix.

ST Clair & Yonge: Have you ever tried a burger for breakfast? Now you will want to with the bacon and sunny-side-up fried egg cheeseburger—the perfect start to the day!

Church & Yonge: Add two layers of creamy marbled cheese to your Yonge burger, and you'll have a grilled cheeseburger full of gooey molten MozaCheddar cheese.

Bloor & Yonge: Bacon and caramelized onions in a burger are an underrated match made in heaven!

College & Yonge: Try our tribute to Mexico with our Yonge burger with creamy guacamole and crispy fried jalapenos for a lunchtime fiesta.

Queen & Yonge: We didn't design this burger with a hangover in mind, but honestly, it unashamedly hits the spot! A juicy Yonge burger filled with crisp onion rings. Need we say more?

King & Yonge: If one burger isn't enough, try the King, which features two beef patties in one bun and all the trimmings.

Steeles & Yonge: This is another burger for a hungry day. Steeles includes a piece of golden-breaded chicken breast and your beef patty.

Kimchi Burger: Our signature Yonge with a thick layer of tangy sour Kimchi for a juicy crunch.

Yonge Junior: Our delicious Yonge burger but for smaller hands.

Veggie Burger: Yonge Burger's vegetarian option is made by impossible with our delicious sides, including our Secret Burger Sauce.

Black Bean Vegan Burger: This is a spicy mix of black beans, jalapenos, and chipotle in a vegan burger.

As you can see, we have a burger to suit everyone! So, if you're looking for the best burgers in Toronto, look no further—Yonge Burger is the answer, and you'll find the delicious burger you've been searching for!

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