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Best Burgers In Toronto - Yonge Burger

Updated: 5 days ago

A couple of years ago, a friend was standing on Yonge Street at lunchtime, looking for somewhere good to eat. Struggling to find the ideal restaurant, he called us. We gave him a few suggestions which we knew to be good, however, he later revealed that none of the options was up to much. One restaurant had tasty food but a terrible atmosphere, another was too expensive even though the service was poor, and none of them was well designed or attractive to look at.

We decided to see for ourselves – we piled into the car and drove down to Yonge Street. Immediately, we saw our friend was right. There was nowhere suitable for a quick bite to eat which would not only taste delicious but make the customer feel comfortable and welcome.

That moment inspired Yonge Burger.

Yonge Burger has the best team of chefs and servers, we love our suppliers, and the founders at the helm of this company are a group of food-focused friends. We feel as proud as punch to be a part of the Yonge Burger community; we can’t quite believe what we’ve achieved! To us at Yonge Burger, making and sharing food with people is a passion – eating good food in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere is of the utmost importance, and that is why Yonge Burger came into being.

We had that lightbulb moment. There was a gap in the market on Yonge Street and we took the plunge. Read on to discover our Yonge Burger story!

The Yonge Burger Story

From that point on, we decided to open a boutique made-to-order burger shop that not only offered incredible juicy burgers but also looked good, felt clean and fresh yet friendly. We knew a burger shop like this would be a benchmark for the whole of North York – quick and easy food meets comfortable, stylish and opulent.

We quickly got the ball rolling, looking for premises with a good view and parking, however, nothing was available. We struggled to find somewhere for months until eventually, a friend mentioned that a jewellery shop was for sale on Yonge Street. Without a moment’s hesitation, we contacted the seller and offered the selling price. The deal was done… and then, a matter of days later, Covid-19 broke out.

The entire country, the whole world, was closed for business. Our deal was refused. Months went by, and eventually, we came to a new arrangement with the landlord of the jewellery shop. On August 1st, 2020, we took over the old jewellery shop which was in need of major refurbishments, so we contacted our designer in Italy and our contractors, Belle View Construction Ltd, and immediately they started work on Yonge Burger’s design.

Read about the renovations and our inspiration for our sleek design at Yonge Burger here!

After a lot of hard work (and a lot of complications thanks to the pandemic!) we are proud to welcome you to the restaurant Yonge Street never knew it needed! At Yonge Burger, you will receive excellence in every way, and most importantly, you will always be served outstanding mouth-watering food with a big smile.

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