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Establishment Of A Halal Restaurants In Toronto | Yonge Burger

Updated: Mar 20

Opening one of the finest halal restaurants in Toronto was a public demand! Our journey to founding Yonge Burger was one of many stops and starts, trials and tribulations (read our Yonge Burger story here), yet here we are. We couldn’t be happier to be open and serving delicious juicy burgers with all your desired fillings daily!

One of our strict terms and conditions was to make it different from all the other eateries, cafes, and burger shops along the street when opening a new burger restaurant on Yonge Street. While some restaurants and cafes on Yonge Street, and even throughout North York for that matter, might serve incredible food, the atmosphere and appearance of the premises let them down.

We’ve all been there – sitting in a restaurant, trying to eat our dish as quickly as possible because of the dead ambiance, the grumpy waiter, or even the slightly grubby, dirty room. We swallow our food in a hurry and practically run out of there screaming!

Made-to-order restaurants and burger shops in Toronto have a well-known and unfortunate reputation for this reason. We had the idea to transform that image and create a stylish boutique-style burger shop for your comfort and pleasure!

At Yonge Burger, we worked closely with our designer from Italy and our local contractors, Belle View Construction Ltd, who immediately understood our vision for a comfortable yet fresh and sleek interior and got to work.

How did we build Yonge Burger, the finest halal restaurants in Toronto?

First, we contacted the City of Toronto government department to change our zoning; meanwhile, our designer and contractors demolished the premises we had taken over. Within months, the old and outdated jewelry shop of the past had been transformed into an eye-catching monochrome space with gleaming white surfaces, bright menus, and an open kitchen. Everything was improved in-house, including the backlit sign, the windows, doors, and walls, not to mention the ceiling!

For our new stainless-steel kitchen, we installed an HVAC system, sleek white chairs and tables, and purchased some of the best cooking equipment on the market. Our designer envisioned the final result, and we want to thank Belle View Construction for their incredible work!

We are incredibly proud of Yonge Burger and its stunning interior, and we have been recognized as the Most Outstanding Burger Shop in Toronto before. As we said, opening a restaurant is never easy, but we ran headfirst into the challenge—much like the hammers used to knock down the old and put up the new at Yonge Burger! It took us ambition and passion to serve you the most abundant and delicious burgers in our boutique and stylish restaurant interior!

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