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Perfect Burger Made In Yonge Burger

Updated: 5 days ago

The perfect burger is a formula, and we at Yonge Burger have worked hard to develop ours (with a lot of trial and error… and tastings…). We feel, along with our enthusiastic customers, that we have cracked it! Each element has been added with careful consideration for the overall flavour and texture, all for every mouthful to hit those important pleasure points.

So, what are these different elements for the perfect burger? Our signature Yonge burger is a specimen of excellence (in our opinion!), so we are going to dissect it for you and explain what makes it so perfect!

The Patty:

We are supplied with locally-reared beef from Ontario to make all our burgers at Yonge, and we have developed a great partnership with local suppliers. None of our meat travels far to get here, reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to the local economy. Plus, we would like to emphasize the delicious products available in this city, all within easy access. We wanted this meat in particular because it is Canadian AAA beef, high-quality with beautiful marbling, grass-fed, and antibiotic and preservative-free. Have you ever had such a high-quality made-to-order burger before?

Once cooked, the patty is juicy and tender thanks to the fat content, plus there’s an incredible char on the outside for maximum flavour.

The Bun:

Our burger buns are speckled with sesame seeds for added crunch. We made sure to choose buns that are super soft and soak up all the delicious juices from the patty, yet don’t detract attention from the main event. The bread bun is basically the vehicle to move your burger from A to B (the plate to your mouth), and the last thing we want is a bun that gets soggy or disintegrates with moisture.

The Extras:

Every burger we serve is garnished with crunchy lettuce, a slice of tomato and a crisp tangy pickle to balance all the rich meat. These extras add juiciness to every bite; the crunch of lettuce and pickle perfectly contrasts the soft patty and bun.

Other than our Yonge burger, we also offer a long list of burgers with different extra fillings! If you’re in the mood for some cheese, caramelized onions, bacon or guacamole to take your perfect burger to another level, we have it here for you!

One of our extras is tender breaded chicken (yes, to add to your beef burger patty because, why not?!). All of our chicken products are supplied locally and are 100% free-range and hormone-free.

The Secret Sauce:

If we told you it wouldn’t be a secret anymore, would it?!

At Yonge Burger, we see a well-built burger as a work of art. Each mouthful should contain different contrasting textures and flavours, just as colour and shade work together in a beautiful painting – and not that we want to blow our own trumpet, but we think we have created that work of art in edible form! Some burgers are delicious even without high-quality ingredients, however, our Canadian AAA beef patties shoot our burgers at Yonge to the top of the list. As soon as you taste a Yonge burger, you will under the formula for the perfect burger!

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